I started CAN Therapeutics so that people could get out of pain in a truly therapeutic environment. I want people to receive transformational and restorative massage therapy from an experienced massage therapist with years of advanced training. Expect results and a superlative experience on and off the table.

Most of us Do Not have an effective and gentle way to unravel pain everyday. We need to be able to self manage or else we turn into Tin Man or Woman 🙂 I see it everyday on the Table. Motion Potion is a series of movements that will show you how to get out of pain. Join our Facebook Page and Get Started! Click the link Below: 




Walk, Breathe and Move Better

“Using timeless wisdom from the animal kingdom, there is hope for chronic and debilitating, and otherwise untreatable pain.” -CAN

The wisdom of the animals has much to teach us humans about health and longevity. For example the animal kingdom naturally deploy’s an innate bio mechanical routine called pandiculation, which allows their muscles to stay supple, flexible and strong. When’s the last time you saw a jack rabbit with back pain? Humans possess the same potential for health and well being however we lack the instinct that would allow us to unlock this hidden system of optimal existence. That’s where Christopher’s Motion Potion™ comes in. Based on the ingenious work of the late Dr Thomas Hanna, motion potion is a revolutionary system of movement which aims to solve the epidemic of pain and suffering especially among the elderly.

Your Body, No Pain

Take Relief into Your own Hands for a lifetime of Freedom with this Gentle Pain Management System

Christopher’s easy to follow instructions and gentle movements gave me almost instant relief from my hip pain.

Dea Parks, Retired Plumbing Company Owner

“I almost didn’t do my class with Christopher this morning because of lower back pain. The movements were subtle, gentle, and amazingly effective!  Pain reduced by 95% after the class!!!

Adama Hamilton, Senior Hakomi Trainer

“I’m a firm believer in Motion Potion!  The Chronic pain in my right hip cleared up completely and I know that just a few minutes a day of regular practice will keep my body mobile as I age. What a gift!”

Karen Kimsey, Co-Founder Co-Active Training Institute

I am grateful to find that I can continue to do the chores that are required to live independently on the Greensprings, 20 miles from Ashland, with far less pain then before I started taking lessons with Christopher.

-Russ Branson, Retired Teacher

“Christopher’s movements focus on restoring various muscle groups to their potential so that they can aid you in better overall locomotion.  And after decades of ill-advised positioning of arms, legs, shoulders and hips, who doesn’t need that?!? The video collection consists of relatively few repetitions of small movements that ultimately make a big difference in how you feel and move afterward.  Some days it is nothing short of miraculous, other days it puts a spring in my step, and always it relaxes me and makes me more aware of my posture and the manner in which I conduct everyday movements.  These movement lessons have alleviated my longstanding peripheral neuropathy, shoulder and neck pain, and perpetually constricted calves.  I am grateful to Christopher for bringing this modality of healing.” 

Gina Belt, Retired Lawyer