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Online Movement Classes for Ages 60+ 

CAN Massage Therapy Clinic was built to be a safe and beautiful space for people to receive deeply restorative massage and bodywork.  With World Class Trigger Point therapy and advanced Deep Tissue the goal at the clinic is to not only relax you to your core but it is also to melt glaciers of accumulated tension stored in the muscles. The result is massive relief and restored function. Energy gets stuck in muscular chronic tension. And we forget what it was like to feel energized and spacious. Come in for a discounted discovery treatment and let’s see if the trouble is in the muscles. If it is. I can help. Sometimes what we need is a full restorative massage session. We do that at the Clinic as well. Either way, get your needs met at CAN Therapeutics Massage Clinic. Currently Accepting new clients and patients. For more information go to our Massage Therapy page in the tab above.


Join our online community for weekly classes and get the support you need to begin your journey towards more energy, less tension and an increased ability to enjoy the things you love! The fact that most people don’t know these movements is basically a crime.  We don’t need to live with chronic muscle tension and we have more power to control our muscular pain then we know. These movements are a missing key for many. Empower yourself with these simple movement tools to manage your muscular tension everyday! Chronic tension accumulated over years stuck in their body, limiting energy levels, causing postural dysfunctions and causing pain. If that’s you or those you may know, this is an incredible, inexpensive solution that helps for life. For more information go to our Online Movement Education tab above.  

“Christopher has been my massage therapist for several years. He is a natural healer and has an exceptionally intuitive awareness of the body and it’s relationship to overall wellness. He uses his many techniques to keep the body in proper alignment and has helped me heal many old and new injuries to my shoulders, neck and legs. By using various methods of massage, stretching and relaxation, he kept me limber and relaxed after typically busy and stressful work weeks. Without reservation, I highly recommend Christopher.”

Ronald Clancy

“I am so grateful to have found Christopher! After only a couple treatments I knew just how fortunate I was. Regardless of what was bothering me, he would quickly and effectively alter his therapy to better respond to my specific need. Whether it was more or less pressure or a change in type of massage, he would always listen and alter his therapy accordingly. Christopher is truly a therapist who works for you. A true professional! He gets my highest recommendation. “

Melinda Acosta


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