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Locals Guide Ashland, Oregon
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Re-Introducing Christopher Allen Neumann: a massage and movement therapist located in Ashland, Oregon. With more than 15 years of experience and over 1000 hours of certified training, Christopher has distinguished himself as a practitioner of experience, grace, and skill. With additional training in Yoga, Tai Chi, and mindfulness, Christopher promises deep and attentive work to unlock deep-seated patterns. The results speak for themselves. In today’s interview, I talk with Christopher about his work and his passion for helping others to live their best lives possible. We also explore a new online training series that Christopher has created in support of his clients and people around the world.

Hi Christopher, welcome back to LocalsGuide. How have things been since our last interview?

Hi Shields! Since my last interview I’ve been busy! So many Ashland folks found me through the interview we did a couple years ago. Many have become long time clients, and of course the snowball effect from referrals and word of mouth has been tremendous. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many people here and best of all, I’ve been able to help many release trapped pain and tension. Being able to relieve chronic issues for my community is incredible. I’ve enjoyed becoming a staple in the lives of my clients who value consistent massage therapy and bodywork. I also have been working on, and am soon releasing, my online movement series! It’s something I’ve been developing for years, and I’m excited to share it. It’s all been so rewarding.

Wow… that is great to hear. Congratulations on all your success and I am most happy for all the lives you have been able to touch and change here in Ashland, Oregon.

Thanks, Shields. I really love helping people feel better in their bodies and hearing the huge effect it has on their lives. It’s a feeling that can’t be bought, and I value it so much. It’s enriching to connect and serve and make a tangible difference. And that’s where the referrals come from. It’s amazing to see. I’m grateful I can apply my gifts to create lasting change for people. Of course I’ve also learned so much, and deepened my practice, since opening a couple years ago.

Christopher, let´s talk more about your specific services and what makes you successful at what you do.

I have two major services on the table and also naturally blend them depending on the circumstance.

The FIRST is my massage therapy. It relieves acute pain and tension, and can take one or multiple sessions depending on the need. If we are working with decades of accumulation and past injuries/surgeries, I offer discounted packages so we can spend more time. This kind of work tends to be a blend of deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage and relaxing deep Swedish Massage. I call this ‘relief work.’ Most people fall into this category, because so many need relief from chronic and acute symptoms stemming from longstanding built up tension, from a variety of causes. This can lead to consistent and regular care to help folks not get back into the mess they came in with. If people need a good massage and aren’t having major complaints, of course I do that too. But I can tell you, I usually finds things. I had one gentlemen say to me “Oh ya, no problems here.” But when he got on the table he said, “I forgot, I can’t feel anything from my knees down.” I hear this kind of thing all the time. And he became a regular client so I could help him get feeling back in his legs and feet. Which I did. Many times people aren’t even aware of how bad things are because it’s become so normalized in their lives. I can help with this phenomenon and recommend Introductory Discovery Sessions for this purpose.

The SECOND major service I provide for clients and people around the world is my Online Video Collection and Subscription Service. It is a collection that teaches people how to effectively manage muscular tension on a daily basis with gentle movements, and a subscription service for added support and accountability. I’ll talk more about this later in the interview!

Christopher, what would say are your key areas of excellence in the work that you provide for your clientele?

As far as my work on the table is concerned, my clients say that I’m like a heat-seeking missile. That I have an intuitive ability to zero in on the exact spots that release the root of their issues. This work requires depth and a high degree of experience, knowledge, care and sensitivity. I’ve been told what I do is rare. I excel in being able to tailor each session to the individual and the needs of the day. My work isn’t cookie cutter, but instead highly individualized. I think this allows me to get true and deep results for people.

I also have years of studying movement therapy with experts in various fields. From Yoga and Tai Chi, to Hanna Somatics and Tensegrity. I have an advanced and unique understanding of how the body works because I have spent so much time studying it through a variety of lenses. This adds greatly to my ability to serve my clients.

Your work is very transformative. What do you observe happening with your patients?

So often I see that the root of peoples pain, exhaustion, headaches, sleepless nights, and the inability to work and move well, stems from hyper contracted muscles. It adds up because we don’t get the care we need, nor the proper education to manage our bodies the way we could be. At the worst, people lose hope. Through Massage and Movement Therapy, I help others reset and start anew, and teach them tools for lasting relief. I love providing hope. I have so many cases of people having their lives completely changed for the better from getting on my table or applying the movements I teach. They are restored back to feeling buoyant and energized again. Sometimes for the first time in decades!

Christopher, having now logged two busy years here in Ashland, what’s next?

Based on what I have seen from my bodywork and the results I’ve gotten from people using the movements I teach…it’s clear to me that people need to have something they can do on a daily basis to manage their tension. So that they can live their lives like they want to, free of pain. Exercise and yoga can even create issues. Without a gentle daily sequence that allows us to move in the natural patterns our bodies were intended to…rigidity accumulates. People need this simple education and the support to do it. The video collection and the subscription service accomplish these two things. So I’ve decided to give more time to this part of my services. So this is what I am focusing a large part of my energy on. I’m taking this movement system to a global level, to serve more people. I wanted to come here to my local community first and spread the word.

This sounds like an excellent idea and I love that you have isolated your work into thirteen specific movements. Please tell us about them.

Sure thing. Well we have 13 basic functional planes of movement that are universal to us as humans. But these planes in our body get stuck because we aren’t using them. By activating a very important bio-mechanic inherent in our muscular biology, people find relief they can’t find anywhere else. They’ve done years of physical therapy, yoga, chiropractic, but are still stuck in pain. My movements unlock muscles in specific ways other modalities can’t. We suffer because we don’t instinctively practice a simple bio-mechanics on a daily basis, like the animal kingdom. Humans have to learn and practice because of the way our brain has been formed. That’s where I come in. I love helping people regain their natural born flexibility, fluidity, and freedom with this easy and gentle movement education and practice.

With your new online video series, what is required to participate?

The Motion Potion™ Video Collection is available online, so it’s easy and accessible. The movements are simple, gentle, and can be practiced regardless of age or injury. My program breaks down each individual movement, and also provides a few different sequencing options, depending on how much time someone has each day to practice them. The collection comes with an educational workbook to track progress and take notes from their learning and healing journey. I also offer the affordable Motion Potion™ Club subscription service to give people more support and accountability to keep up their daily practice and consistency. It helps people unravel their tension and pain for the long run and keep debilitating tension at bay .

You want existing clients and local residence to have a discount, tell me more about that. Also, how is this new product tied into your current services?

For the month of January, I’m offering 50% off of the video collection to local Ashland and Rogue Valley residents. I want to help get this work into the hands of our local community. Motion Potion™ is a great way to make a splash into wellness this new year. It is also my way to say thank you to this great community that has supported me, and that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of these past few years.

My passion for these movements came from my massage work. I would see clients over and over that would get results from the massage, but then would fall into unhealthy patterns and old habits again during the week. I wanted to empower them to manage on their own in-between sessions, so that they could get real lasting change. The movement collection provides the tools to maintain a lifetime of relief. By working on tension relief a little every day, people are able to re-pattern their bodies out of tightness and chronic pain, and into suppleness and the feeling of youthfulness. The movements and massage work independently of each other, but also go so well together.

This sounds great how do we learn more?

The best way to access the Motion Potion™ video collection and Club and to learn more is by visiting www.cantherapeutics.com. Feel free to also shoot me an email or text with any questions, my contact info is on my website.

Christopher, in specific: what makes the online training you are offering different and an opportunity not to be missed?

I have been told time and time again, my Motion Potion movements get lasting results where nothing else has. When practiced consistently, it gets to the most stubborn roots of old injuries, chronic pain, and long standing tension by working with the root of muscular tension management bio-mechanics. This work is professional, but it’s also personal for me. So I offer direct connection and support with my online training. I make myself available to answer questions and learn about each individual person and their needs, to make sure they get the most out of the program. This 50% discount is a special offering to the locals here, and I want people to take advantage of it and get the wonderful results that come from practicing these movements. I also offer a 30 day Money back guarantee. You have to love these movements after practicing them for a few weeks or you don’t pay a dime.

Christopher, would you mind sharing a few recent testimonials with us regarding your work?

You bet! Here’s a couple from clients who have gained results from learning the movements.

“I’m a firm believer in Motion Potion! After 2 lessons with Christopher, the Chronic pain in my right hip cleared up completely and I know that just a few minutes a day of regular practice will keep my body mobile as I age. What a gift!”

-Karen Kimsey, Local Resident

“My sleep has dramatically improved from the first time I practiced the movements from my private lesson. I have a 70% decrease in pain in my low back after practicing the movements twice a day for three weeks.”

-Liz D’Aste, Florida

In moving into the new year what are some of your personal goals for your self and your practice?

As far as goals for my practice, I really want to make a huge impact with my video collection and club. I think it would be so fun to have millions of people from all over the world learning and improving their lives from the video collection. My goal is to get as many people as possible moving together and practicing monthly in the Motion Potion Club as well. I really want it to take off on a whole new level, so I can hear about even more transformations. I want to relieve every single person of their pain. I’m super excited about the growth that’s possible with Motion Potion™, my online education and support system.

Personally, I’ve been getting into taking longer runs in the mountains and have made some interesting changes with my diet that I am excited to explore.

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us today!

Shields, it’s always a pleasure, and I am so glad to be sharing this with you and your Locals Guide audience today.