Deep Tissue Release: Focused Tension Relief Work


At CAN Therapeutics, one of the things we specialize in is releasing deep seated muscular tension. When other therapists can’t get to it, we can. So often people come to the table hopeless about their chronic muscular pain. It just won’t go away and it can cause so many aches and pains, from sciatica to neuropathy, migraines and shooting pains. We work with one very favorable natural law: that which can tighten can loosen. So if your suffering from chronic or acute muscular tension our deep tissue and trigger point therapy is world class and has helped hundreds of clients from around the world live pain free.

Along the landscape of the body it is often quite easy to feel the mounds of tension that accrue in the body. You can feel it and so can I. Touch is a very accurate diagnostic tool when it comes to assessing muscular tension. And that is just we will do with you. I say we because it takes two to tango. I do the work, but you breathe through it and together we make it so that its comfortable enough to get the relief you need.

When the muscles are chronically tight the muscles are sore because in effect, they are working hard all the time. Day and night. They are over worked, in pain and sore.  Because most of us do not have an efficient muscular management system embedded into our daily lives tension accrues until our muscles feel like ice, or steel. I use the ice metaphor because it gets rock hard but it can melt like ice can melt. And that is why we are optimistic. It can take some time to melt layers but if we notice improvement after one treatment we keep going. At CAN Therapeutics we melt ice by administering a combination of light and deep tissue massage combined with intuitive and skillfully trained trigger point therapy.

Many people who find their way to the clinic table have lived with tension for so long that it has become normal and in fact the brain has begun to register the degree of tension as normal. We call this sensory-motor-amnesia. Hypertension becomes normal instead of a problem. A quiet threat to our health and wellbeing. In these situations we have to wake the tissue back up, to make it supple and active again instead of debilitatingly tight, frozen over like a winter lake. The process of melting ice in the body or deep seated tension in the muscles can be a bit painful. It’s like we must go into the pain in order to release it. But we do it gently and carefully never pushing your edge and always communicating so that we can get you the results and the relief you need. This aspect of the work at CAN Therapeutics is liken to muscular surgery, but of course, non invasive. Surgical in the sense of finely tuned, focused, highly specific work to the tissue.

Often people come in for stress reduction and relaxation. When I discover that there are literally mounds of tension built up people soon realize that they will feel so much more at ease in their bodies if those mounds of tension or ice were melted. Energy that is stuck in those mounds of tension get released and we feel more refreshed and youthful instead of stiff and old. So often a relaxing massage can turn into a package of sessions devoted to melting the icebergs in the body. Then its back to monthly maintenance program and the Motion Potion.™ 

People can live with chronic muscular tension for decades. It doesn’t have to be that way. At CAN therapeutics Massage Clinic we can help you re-set your body and then give you the management tools to keep yourself supple as you go on in life.