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I started CAN Therapeutics so that people could receive truly transformational and restorative massage therapy. I draw from 15 years of experience in deep tissue, trigger point, swedish, reflexology, sports massage, and movement therapy in my sessions to create a dynamic experience that gets results.



Release Lower Back and Hip Pain with a 1 hour movement session. Contact Christopher Today to schedule your session.

COMING SOON! A video Collection for Lower Back and Hip Pain! Text me to be put on the notification list.

*Movements Based on the work of Dr. Thomas Hanna, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Hans Seyle. 




“I have been dealing with low back and hip issues for YEARS that have had me waking up several times a night in terrible pain, and I’m only 33! After only 3 sessions with Christopher, I was sleeping through the night without pain. He seems to have a gift for solving unsolvable issues! You can really feel how much Christopher genuinely cares about his clients. He told me, if this issue is muscular, I will find it. What a relief! Someone who is confident but also really knows what he is doing! He is very skilled, talented, and smart! And the environment at his office is very clean and welcoming, professional and also warm and personal. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment at CAN Therapeutics. You will not be disappointed.”

- Grace C., Life Coach

“Christopher has been my massage therapist for several years. He is a natural healer and has an exceptionally intuitive awareness of the body and it’s relationship to overall wellness. He uses his many techniques to keep the body in proper alignment and has helped me heal many old and new injuries to my shoulders, neck and legs. By using various methods of massage, stretching and relaxation, he kept me limber and relaxed after typically busy and stressful work weeks. Without reservation, I highly recommend Christopher.”

-Ronald Clancy, Designer

“I recently had some deep tissue release body work done by Christopher at Can Therapeutics in Ashland. I had suffered from periodic chronic headaches, lower back pain, and a general lack of vitality and well-being that I attributed to the aging process (I’m 74). After the first treatment, the headaches disappeared and have not returned. I have also gotten relief from lower back pain and other joint pain in my knees, shoulders, and hands. Christopher is skilled, intuitive, and passionate about his work and the improvements he makes in people’s lives. I recommend him highly!”

- Larry Barham, Forestry

“I am so grateful to have found Christopher! After only a couple treatments I knew just how fortunate I was. Regardless of what was bothering me, he would quickly and effectively alter his therapy to better respond to my specific need. Whether it was more or less pressure or a change in type of massage, he would always listen and alter his therapy accordingly. Christopher is truly a therapist who works for you. A true professional! He gets my highest recommendation.”

- Melinda Acosta, Retired Federal

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