“As with many clients, I’d postponed seeking help until discomfort was interfering with both my work and athletic life. So it was with a sense of revelation and relief that I first discovered Christopher in Santa Monica, California, where he was in high demand at a respected collective. His knowledge of massage techniques, energy pathways, and anatomy and kinesiology, is extensive, informed by multi-cultural curiosity. But Christopher’s true gift is an innate sensitivity to underlying issues of which even his clients may not be aware – an ability to recognize and release tensions and stresses that we hold instinctively in certain regions of our bodies. He is intuitive, gentle, very strong, kind and respectful. His departure from California was a big disappointment, but now I’ve rediscovered Christopher in his beautiful Ashland studio!”

Nuna Teal, Program Director, One Earth

The Work at CAN Therapeutics Massage Clinic:

Acute and Chronic Muscular Tension and Pain Relief.

Glacial Tension Melting & Relaxing Restorative Massage Therapy

Injury, Trauma and Post-Surgical Functional Rehabilitation

“Over the last 35 years I’ve had all kinds of bodywork done (from Acupuncture to Rolfing) literally all over the world. At this point I’ve had three 90 minute deep tissue sessions with Christopher here in Ashland, Oregon and for this type of work I’ve had none better, anywhere.

- Paul Vozdic

Modalities at the Clinic:

Full Body Relaxation, Restoration & Regeneration

Advanced Trigger Point Release Therapy

Foot and Hand Reflexology

Tools for Daily Muscular Pain Management through Movement Education

World Class Deep Tissue Relief


Clients and Patients have found relief from:


Chronic Tension & Tightness

We live with Chronic Tension and Tightness acruing over time. And it becomes the norm. Oh No! Deep Bodywork with CAN will help you reset your normal. Likely you will think, oh my gosh, I forgot how pain and tension free I can feel! Come in and see if chronic tightness is an issue in your body.

Back Pain

Back Pain can be debilitating. Often the muscles are so tight that we can barely sleep or work because we are in so much pain. The muscles need to be released and melted. I think of it like melting glaciers of ice. I get the job done with loads of great communication so that the experience is fun, effective and relieving.

Shoulder Pain

You might have shoulder pain for decades or less, or more! Often the muscles get so tight in and around the joint, but it never gets released because health professionals don’t know how to release it. OMG thank you, now I can move my shoulder freely again. Come in to see if it’s the muscles causing your shoulder pain.


Headaches can be debilitating. Sometimes opening a few specific muscles deep in the neck, back and shoulders will open the gates of freedom and relieve headaches like magic. I think of it like damns being opened so that the energy in the body can flow again. Often the cause is muscle tension.

Neck Pain

Chronic Neck Pain can be so frustrating especially because most of us have no idea how to release it. One effective way is to come in for deep muscular point release work. The problem may be in the muscles in the neck. Come in for some expert bodywork relief!

Postural Dysfunction

Muscles move the bones! Did you know that? We communicate consciously or unconsciously to make our muscles tighten to get jobs done! Over time they can get stuck in positions causing poor posture to the extreme. Bodywork with CAN will reset posture effectively.

Forearm Tension & Hand Pain

Years of labor and using the hands and arms can cause massive tension in the forearms. Sometimes it just needs to get deeply worked out to feel function in the hand again. The energy gets trapped in tight muscles, the energy, the nerve force, less blood flow, etc. I am kind of like a CAN opener, opening the tissue so that your function and energy can return to proper circulation.

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain can be a killer, in fact it’s very common in the industrialized world. Understand that no muscle works alone. So when I work the tissue from the upper shoulders all the way down into the feet the low back gets released. Along with making sure the muscles in the low back get released. The muscles work together to get things done. I release Low Back complaints regularly, but it often requires deep release work in the gluts (working over the sheet) and hamstrings for example.


Did anyone ever tell you that you may be feeling tired because the energy in your body is stuck in muscular tension? In fact often what gets deemed as aging may actually just be chronic pervasive muscular tension and tightness. Regardless of whether you a

Oh Sciatica. Well. Sometimes it’s the muscles on the front of the hip or behind the hip that are causing the impingement. I know just the muscles to work so that the sciatic nerve can flow freely again. Often it’s the muscles that are so tight which cause the impingement and pain. I can take care of it if it is. And again, often it is. Knowledge, Skill and Sensitivity is required. CAN’s got it.  

sleeping or awake. Always tight. Experience more energy get your body free of deep tension! Kind of like taking your car into the autobody shop for repair or surgery to get something fixed. It’s powerful and fun to get your energy back with deep release work. I make it comfortable.

Emotional and Mental Stress and Exhaustion from Chronic Pain and Tension

Having Chronic Tightness and Pain from muscular tension day in and day out can be exhausting, infuriating, distressing to name a few. I really help with this. I restore healthy muscle elasticity with over 15 years of experience. Talent, Skill, Knowledge and Experience. Come in and experience the hope you maybe looking for.

Chronic Low Energy: From Muscle Tightness

Did anyone ever tell you that you may be feeling tired because the energy in your body is stuck in muscular tension? In fact often what gets deemed as aging may actually just be chronic pervasive muscular tension and tightness. Regardless of whether you are sleeping or awake. Always tight. Experience more energy get your body free of deep tension! Kind of like taking your car into the autobody shop for repair or surgery to get something fixed. It’s powerful and fun to get your energy back with deep release work. I make it comfortable.

Numbness + Neuropathy in the Limbs Pain

The muscular system houses the nervous system. When muscles are super tight all the way down to the ends of the limbs like the hands and and feet, the nervous system pathway can get cut off and literally its like being choked and no energy and sensitivity can make its way all the way to the ends of the body. Often the tight muscles are the cause of the impingement of lifeforce. I resolve this and bring feeling back to the limbs.

Sleepless Nights because of chronic Pain?

After about the age of 30 people start complaining about chronic pain in there body that literally keeps them from sleeping at night. What a nightmare. If the cause is in the muscles from years of labor and go go go attitude, or from a surgery or injury, I can get relief for you Guaranteed. People sleep better and get back to the activities they love. I love giving people such a valued experience. 

Can't Work or Enjoy anything! Too much pain!
If the cause is in the muscles get in here. I’ll check and see, and then work like an arctic explorer looking to melt glacial tension. People return to work and enjoy the activities they love once again at CAN’s Massage Clinic. I love returning that glow to people’s eyes, it’s the glow of hope and return of function in their lives. 
Old Injuries or Surgeries Causing Pain?

An old surgery or injury can create a chronic stiffness in and around the area. When one muscle can’t do its job other muscles start trying to over do to make up for the dysfunction of the other muscles in and around the site of injury or surgery. This can become a complex puzzle to unwind. Good thing I am a problem solver. We can release all that tension and help get your body moving freely again. Let’s do it. 

Hip and Leg Pain

The legs work for us don’t they? Sometimes they need to get released back to neutral so you can spring around again. A combination of unique stretches and attentive deep and gentle tissue release work can relieve pain in the hip and legs. Restoring function and freedom of movement. Come in for an assessment. It may just be the muscles causing your pain.

Trauma causing Tension and Pain
Sometimes incidents from our past cause our bodies to seize up and overtime that seizing can become the culprit itself. Unwinding trauma in the body takes a gentle and sensitive approach. We don’t rush the body, when it’s time to release it’s just time and I help this process all the time, in a comfortable and warm space. Trust and Integrity and Depth allows me to hold this space for old stuff to release so we can feel free again.

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30 Min Treatment: $60
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3 90 minute treatments. $145/3=$435

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10 Sixty or Ninety Minute Treatments. Pay for 9  Treatments receive 10th free. 

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“I had been looking for deep tissue/therapeutic massage in the area but I had never found anyone that could really dig into my muscles until I came across Christopher at CAN Therapeutics. I have a 10 year old muscle injury and Christopher is the only person who has been able to make progress in rehabilitating it. His massages are very intense but sometimes that’s what you need when you have years of built up tension.”
- Joseph Pfister

“I had Chris give me a full body massage four days ago and I feel better than I have felt in years. The session did much more than merely relieve the stress (I have a high-stress occupation) and resolve the litany of routine aches and pains of my 59-year-old, desk-bound body. Both my posture and balance feel improved. My gait is more solid and stable. I can recommend Chris without reservation.”
- Mark L. Mosley

“Beyond your first impression of his physical radiance, you will discover his kindness, his caring, and his ability to find in you, the places in need of his healing work.”
- Albert Meyer

“I don’t usually make recommendations regarding the services people provide. Christopher at CAN Therapeutics is an exceptional therapist! He was recommended to me by a very discerning friend who has seen multiple people over 20 years in Ashland and said Christopher was excellent. Having received 15 treatments from him, I’m consistently impressed with his skill, abilities, knowledge, sensitivity, and skilled professional approach to the bodywork he offers. I recommended him to 3 other people who have various chronic and injury related issues. Each of those people thanked me profusely and only gave praise and thanks for what he was able to do for them. If you want some serious bodywork done, I most highly recommend Christopher.”
- Adama Hamilton

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