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We don’t have to live with chronic muscular pain and tension. These movements show us how. 13 Planes of movements that change the way we move and feel. 

Your Body, No Pain

Take Relief into Your own Hands for a lifetime of Freedom with this Gentle Pain Management System

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~ It Takes Two lessons to learn all 13 Movements~

Christopher’s easy to follow instructions and gentle movements gave me almost instant relief from my hip pain.

Dea Parks, Retired Plumbing Company Owner

“I almost didn’t do my class with Christopher this morning because of lower back pain. The movements were subtle, gentle, and amazingly effective!  Pain reduced by 95% after the class!!!

Adama Hamilton, Senior Hakomi Trainer

“I’m a firm believer in Motion Potion! After 2 lessons with Christopher, the Chronic pain in my right hip cleared up completely and I know that just a few minutes a day of regular practice will keep my body mobile as I age. What a gift!”

Karen Kimsey, Co-Founder Co-Active Training Institute

After just a few one on one lessons, I am grateful to find that I can continue to do the chores that are required to live independently on the Greensprings, 20 miles from Ashland, with far less pain then before I started taking lessons with Christopher.

-Russ Branson, Retired Teacher

“Christopher’s movement class focuses on restoring various muscle groups to their potential so that they can aid you in better overall locomotion.  And after decades of ill-advised positioning of arms, legs, shoulders and hips, who doesn’t need that?!?  This is not a traditional exercise class.  It consists of relatively few repetitions of small movements that ultimately make a big difference in how you feel and move afterward.  Some days it is nothing short of miraculous, other days it puts a spring in my step, and always it relaxes me and makes me more aware of my posture and the manner in which I conduct everyday movements.  These movement lessons have alleviated my longstanding peripheral neuropathy, shoulder and neck pain, and perpetually constricted calves.  I am grateful to Christopher for bringing this modality of healing.” 

Gina Belt, Retired Lawyer

Motion Potions Lineage

The late Dr Tomas Hanna distilled the work of the movement genius, Moshe Feldenkrais. And by understanding the nature of muscular contraction from stress reflex’s from the the work of Hans Seyle, he presented Hanna Somatics. A new body of work, designed to empower human beings to manage muscular tension and pain on a daily basis, much like Animals do in the wild. Motion Potion is based on the work of Dr Tomas Hanna, and in honor of his vision, an empowered people, I bring you Motion Potion™ so that you too can have in your tool box, an ingenious set of simple tools to relieve and manage pain. 

The Cost of No Motion Potion

The Cost is great when we don’t know how to move everyday in way that relieves muscular tension and pain. We get dependent on others. Manual Bodywork can help release chronic muscular pain and tension for sure, but what do we do when we go home? We need something easy, efficient, effective and gentle we can do everyday. The ten movements of Motion Potion™ bring hope to the person who feels trapped in a painfully tight body.

The Myth of Aging

What is often deemed the effects of aging is often actually due to energy trapped in chronically tight muscles. Pulling our heads forward, locking us in poor postures, making us feel like tin man or tin woman. We feel old when we feel like that! Motion Potion™ keeps the energy in our body from getting stuck in tight muscles. This way we can feel more youthful as we age, maintain upright posture, pep in our step and confidence as we move.


Stress Epidemic! Motion Potion's Solution

With a daily tension management systems that doesn’t have negative side effects, we can successfully tackle our tension and muscular pain epidemic. Motion Potion™ seeks to empower the elderly, the middle aged working class, and this generation of young people who are faced with unprecedented levels of of stress.

Low Back and Hip Pain Relief

Motion Potion™ is based on the understanding that the entire muscular system is connected. For example if the sides of the body are locked in a state of tension, that will effect the ability for the low back and hips to move freely. Or if the hips and low back are locked up, that will effect the ability of the neck and shoulders to move freely and vice versa. So with Motion Potion™ we address the whole to effect the part, because no muscle works alone in functional movements! Here, we treat low back and hip pain with ten gentle movements, that acknowledge the woking body as a whole.



Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

The Neck and Shoulders are connected to the the sides, the trunk, the hips, low back, arms and legs, so in Motion Potion™ movement therapy, we see what kind of relief we can get when we treat the body as a whole intelligent and interconnected system. The results and pain reduction by using this management system is evident. The proof is in the pudding.

Learn to Communicate with your Muscles: Ok relax!

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are constantly communicating to our muscles to contract to make things happen! But how do we communicate consciously to relax? And no muscle works alone actually, so how do we communicate with functional groups of muscles? We end up contracting more than we relax our muscles. Over time the contraction accrues. Then muscles become painful and sore because they are working all the time! Motion POTION™will show you how so we can begin to communicate with our body! “Ok Muscles, thank you for working, now you can relax!” Everyday.

Pandiculate and Bypass The Stretch Reflex!

We learn to stretch. But animals don’t stretch! They actually do but first they contract their muscle groups. There is a reason why their natural intelligence does not have them stretch first. The muscles respond more deeply to a pandiculation, which bypasses the stretch reflex! Stretching has its benefits as a Yoga Teacher I know this but it is also limited. Having the pandiculations in your tool box pre yoga, pre fitness will greatly add to your movement health. There’s such a need for these movements to be learned and practiced that I am focusing exclusively on bringing this body of work to you and your friends, family, contacts and colleagues.

Motion Potion™ A gentle and effective solution

We learn to stretch. But animals don’t stretch! They actually do but first they contract their muscle groups. There is a reason why their natural intelligence does not have them stretch first. The muscles respond more deeply to a pandiculation, which bypasses the stretch reflex! Having these “functional pandiculations” as I like to call them, are so gentle and efficient you may find that you want them to be your new base line, movement tension and pain management system. I am here to show the movements to you!