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Human Movement 101

Functional Pandiculation™  

(Pan.dicula.tion): A basic and primal stretching bio-mechanic; the conscious contracting and releasing of functional muscle patterns. 









Animals “Pandiculate” up to 40 times a day to stay limber and active! 


How many times do we “Pandiculate?” Zero! 


It’s a natural biomechanic/intelligence we have all forgotten how to use!



This is Functional Pandiculation™ 



*The Free Retiree Class For Age’s 60 and up, every Month

*Two Classes a Week with the Online Subscription for Ages 60+

*All Ages Private lessons

Why Class For Ages 60 and over? Because people 60 and over suffer the most from chronic tension.

Are you UNDER AGE 60 and wanting to learn?

Contact Us for a Full Private Lesson and Get Pandiculating and Moving Freely again!

Weekly Class Schedule 

Tuesdays: 1-2pm Pacific Standard Time

Fridays: 10-11am Pacific Standard Time


Functional Pandiculation™ CLASS TESTIMONIAL:

“Christopher’s movement class focuses on restoring various muscle groups to their potential so that they can aid you in better overall locomotion.  And after decades of ill-advised positioning of arms, legs, shoulders and hips, who doesn’t need that?!?  This is not a traditional exercise class.  It consists of relatively few repetitions of small movements that ultimately make a big difference in how you feel and move afterward.  Some days it is nothing short of miraculous, other days it puts a spring in my step, and always it relaxes me and makes me more aware of my posture and the manner in which I conduct everyday movements.  Taking this class has alleviated my longstanding peripheral neuropathy, shoulder and neck pain, and perpetually constricted calves.  I am grateful to Christopher for bringing this modality of healing.”  -Gina Belt, 60+, Ashland, OR

Monthly Subscription

These movements really help but I don’t practice on my own!  I hear it all the time so we built this montlhy subscription to help you stay accountable to get on the mat and make sure you do your Functional Pandiculations™! This subscription is your accountability! We have fun and move together, going through the pandiculations to help stay limber and energized. Get the support you need. Join us every month!

$79.99 / month

Virtual 1 on 1 Sessions

The One-on-One gives us time to focus on just you…Address your unique challenges, injuries, and patterns in these individualized therapeutic sessions. 60 minutes.


Functional Pandiculation™ CLASS TESTIMONIAL:

“After just a few private one on one sessions, and of course practicing the movements several times a week, I am very pleased and relieved to feel the positive physical and functional benefits of the Functional Pandiculation Movements I have been learning.  I am grateful to find that I can continue to do the chores that are required to live independently on the Greensprings, 20 miles from Ashland, with far less pain then before I started taking lessons with Christopher. I look forward to future classes, increased skills and decreased pain as I continue to integrate these movements into my life.”

-Russ Branson, 60+, Green Springs, OR

Muscular Pain & Tension/Posture Management

Empowerment through Education and Practice

Learn How to Help Yourself with Ease

Walk, Breathe and Move Better

Increase your Energy & Longevity

A Place to Practice Together Online

Class Waiver

Release of Liability
aPlease read the below:

(1) Release of liability
Agreement to participate in Human Movement 101; Functional Pandiculation™ offered by Christopher Allen Neumann.

By participating in Functional Pandiculation™ you understand that you will be practicing a unique set of gentle exercises that release chronically held muscular tension and pain through the practice of full-body pandiculations, conscious contraction and lengthening of whole muscle groups responsible for bi-pedal human function and activity.

By participating in classes and private one-on-one sessions with Christopher, you understand there are risks associated with all forms of physical activity. Therefore, when learning and practicing Functional Pandiculation™ it is possible that you may suffer minor or serious injuries. You agree to monitor your physical activity while participating in with Christopher Allen Neumann and to notify your instructor if you have any physical conditions and/or ailments that may restrict or hinder you in learning and practicing Functional Pandiculation™.

You understand that your participation in any activity under the umbrella Functional Pandiculation™ is strictly voluntary, at your own risk, and that you are freely choosing to participate. You and your heirs agree to defend, indemnify, fully release and hold harmless, the personal representatives, agents, employees, independent contractors, consultants, volunteers, and others associated with Functional Pandiculation™ from any and all claims, liability or loss, of whatsoever kind or nature, incurred directly or indirectly by you as a result of the use or application of any information, ideas, techniques, or methods learned in these classes and lessons. You represent that you’re competent and able to understand the nature and consequences of participating in both classes and private sessions.

You acknowledge that you have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding any aspect of this agreement. By attending classes and private sessions with Christopher, you acknowledge that you have carefully and completely read and fully understand all aspects of this agreement and you agree to all of the terms and conditions stated herein. Further, you agree and understand that this agreement is intended to be a complete unconditional release of liability and assumption of risk to the greatest extent permitted by law.

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