The MyoKinesthetic System

THe Revolutionary, Efficient and EFfective Method to get you out of pain

‘DUke UNiversity HEalth Clinic Approved’

MYIt CAN be Just This Simple:

When we Correct Posture, The Nervous System Is Corrected,

The Brain is Re-Educated | Pain Resolves and Range of Motion Increases.




Chronic Neck Pain
Frozen shoulder
Post-surgical Pain and limited motion (shoulder, hips, knees, replacements etc)

Diabetic or Peripheral Neuropathy
Low Back Pain, Neck Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Plantar Fasciatis
Disk Bulge/Herniation
Post Stroke Contraction Problems and Paralysis Issues
Anterior Scalene Syndrom
Difficulty Swallowing
Rotator Cuff Problems
Sinus Problems
TMJ Pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Nerve Pain
Acid Reflux

What is it and how does it work?

The Myokinesthetic System is a technique to quickly and easily reset the body to …

  • Improve posture
  • Alleviate (and eliminate) pain
  • Restore range of motion

The Myokinesthetic System is a revolutionary technique that offers real relief. MYK has been successful when other methods such as chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, surgeries and more superficial massages have failed. By clearing the pathways and re-educating the dermatome line it is possible to restore healthy neural function and bring the body back into healthy posture. The brain and body seek optimal health and wellness every moment. Our bodies are self healing organisms. When we give it the proper to environment the body will thrive. MYK treatments give the brain the information it needs to change its internal environment into more balance, harmony and vitality.

When Nothing Else works MYK can Do The Trick

Instead, Make it your First Stop

The MyoKinesthetic System identifies the problem with an Initial postural assessment and symptoms and range of motion assessment which takes between 30-45 minutes. When we identify the nerve pathway with the most dysfunction (the dominant problem) Then we manipulate the specific muscles associated with the chosen nerve pathway to send new information to the brain. Then the brain works its restorative magic. By giving the body the brain the proper information through specific muscle movement and stimulation, the brain takes that information and makes corrections in muscular patterns of contraction and relaxation and posture corrects and aligns and as a consequence pain vanishes sometimes instantly, sometimes incrementally.

How much does this cost?

Initial Assessment $250 | The Initial Assessment takes between 60 min-to 90 min and includes a 20-45 min First Treatment. Max 2 Hours.

Treatments: $100 | Treatments take anywhere between 20 min to 30 min depending on the treatment. If treatment goes over its $12/5 min.

To Schedule your Initial Assessment and Get Your Results Based Treatment Protocol Call:

(541) 631-1751

What to expect with MYK

In 1-4 Treatments we typically know if this is going to be helpful to you. Usually there is a dramatic improvement after one treatment. Everyone responds differently. Once we identify the dominant nerve dysfunction we create a treatment plan. The aim is to help re-pattern your brain and posture, muscles and nervous system by giving it the proper information. We treat until you get your pain issue totally resolved and stabilized. With each treatment protocol, specific exercises are indicated to help keep the improvements we gain from backsliding. Of all the modalities I have come across in my healing arts journey, The MYK system is the most effective and efficient treatment protocol. I am honored I can bring it to you, your family, friends, and colleagues. 

The MyoKinesthetic System

This System is Used and Endorsed at and by the Duke University Health Clinic

If MYK doesn’t do it for you

Then there may be something else going on that needs addressing. It could be your daily patterns including work postural habits, what you’re putting into your engine. What food/fuel your putting into it. We recommend joining and speaking with Dr. Morse’s Health Clinic for free about their recommended diet for healing and vitality. You can visit their website here:

If our daily work habits inhibit us from making the necessary changes posturally we need to stay out of pain then we must either change our livelihood or learn to manage our bodies on a daily basis. The Online Clinic offers Motion Potion™ classes and video collections which will further help you to make sure stress and tension don’t accrue in the body and muscles and nervous system. Consider the Motion Potion™ video collection and joining the Online Clinic for weekly support through Motion Potion™ classes, recordings and more! Visit the Online Clinic Membership Page here:

If your pain still persists: we have a myriad of other resources both locally and internationally that are here to help:

Lyme Disease: The Wellness Sleuth: Visit her website here: