Full Body Massage 


The Full Body Massage restores the entire being. Through integrative massage technique the whole body is able to let go into a deep parasympathetic state. Under the sky of this state the body can heal and repair. I call this state the state of therapeutic rest. And that is the core intent in the full body massage, to help bring the body into this place. Being inextricably connected, the mental and emotional body are also more able to come to balance and feel renewed. In this way alone, the full body massage can be viewed as simple but profound medicine.


Massage therapy has been deemed by many in our culture as strictly luxury, flu flu. No. In this case that couldn’t be further from truth. CAN Therapeutics for some can redefine Massage Therapy, its purpose and its potential. Warriors around the globe for time immemorial used massage as a way to stay healthy and limber. To live life well takes warriorship. At CAN Therapeutics if you are showing up to living life you are a warrior, no matter your age, race, creed, class or gender. In Mountain villages of China, communities received massage as a preventative measure for their community members, along with acupuncture and herbs. The job of these therapists were to help keep their community members healthy and active. CAN Therapeutics is inspired by this vision of being a cornerstone to the health of the community. Massage therapy is not a cookie cutter mechanical effort, but an individualized, and committed effort to serve your uniqueness.   

During the full body massage, similar to traversing a landscape, places of most tension end up feeling like mountain ranges. These peaks in the muscles are the most tender and most tight places of the body. These mounds of energy act like damns in a river preventing optimal internal circulation of vital fluids and energy systems. These are gently addressed in the full body massage but are taken not of. If they are the cause of more serious and debilitating conditions like, chronic pain, sciatica, neuropathy, migraines, immobility, sleepless nights and or the inability to work because of pain, doing sessions with a focus in deep tissue and trigger point therapy could be indicated.

What to expect in the Clinic when receiving your full body massage:

1.) Relaxing on the premier Earth Works massage table allows the body to relax, allowing you to feel held by craftsman cushion and wood. Stable and wide.

2.) Seed to Seal, Therapeutic Grade Young Living Herbal oils diffusing into the air calms the body’s nervous system through the olfactory system, our sense of smell. Oils are also used to help reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation and reduce cortisol levels from hypertension and stress.

3.) The clean space with non-toxic cleaning agents for sheets and floor allows you to not be worried about toxins, or the smell of bleach.

4.) Buddha Butter is used as the base lotion for massage and bodywork. It is an organic non toxic fusion of coco-butter, shea butter, jojoba butter and olive. It is both hydrating and nourishing to the skin.

5.) Glut Work and Draping. Glut work is done primarily over the sheet, unless otherwise indicated through communication. Professional draping is implemented to provide a feeling of comfort and security throughout the session.

6.) Sounds in the space are often gentle and soothing Native American flutes and other cultural music from around the world. All with the tones invoking joy, serenity and the presence of the sacred.

The 2 Hour Monthly Maintenance Membership Massage is a discounted 2 hour massage session for clients who want to maintain the tension accruing in the muscular system on a monthly basis. It is an integrative treatment blending modalities to optimized results for the individual.